Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer school: Vous/Tu flowchart

Without question, the most popular feature of Flirting with French is my Vous/Tu flowchart, designed to assist you in determining whether to use the formal or familiar form of "you" in French. The chart also appeared as an LA Times Bastille Day op-ed; however, it wasn't until the French newspaper Le Monde picked it up that it gained notoriety, garnering 35,000 Facebook links in the first day alone!

Since August is the perfect month for catching up, here is it again, for those of you who missed it  (and who haven't realized it's been sitting on this blog as a sidebar for a year). Click on the graphic below to view the LA Times version, or click here for a downloadable PDF. Bon courage!

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  1. Just finished reading Flirting with French and thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm a hopeless Francophile who also had heart issues (very suddenly last summer) so I could relate on so many levels. Merci mille fois for sharing your story. J'espère que tout va bien avec le cœur.


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