Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cauchemar américain

Forgive me (or pity me): I just can't stay away from The Donald, even on a blog about (ostensibly) learning French.  Now, with France dealing with its own immigration nightmare that makes our southern border problem seem trivial, you might think that Trump's strong views on the subject might get him a sympathetic ear over there.

Perhaps from Marine Le Pen's National Front party it might (although it should be noted that the party recently expelled the founder -- Marine's father --- for his too-radical views on immigration), but here's the take on Trump from the newspaper Libération:

Le Cauchemar américain

I'll save you the trouble of running to Google Translate. The headline translates as "The American nightmare"

That's nothing: Thursday they called him "a nutcase." The French are nothing if not direct. 

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