Monday, May 4, 2015

Kiss off, France!

In my book, Flirting with French, I try to figure out the French kissing business - by which I mean, the bise, "that cheek-to-cheek air kiss, where you touch cheeks and make a smacking sound with your lips as if you were actually kissing, which in most cases you are not, then repeat on the other cheek. And it doesn’t always end there. The French, it seems, are so fond of the kiss that they sometimes go for three or even four, depending on the region. In general they kiss twice in the north, and anywhere from three to a tongue down your throat in the south"

So imagine my delight to find, on a UK web page that is reviewing Flirting, to find a map -- yes, a map! -- that goes beyond my "general" guide and indicates how may times you kiss. My question is, is it tongue in, um, cheek? Read the full article at Culteratheque.

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  1. Hello! I thought this post was interesting. So the real question is, how do you know where a French person is from, and how to gauge how many kisses to give them? It really is funny to watch/experience the fumble and the "pardon's" :) Great blog! I will surely check back for updates.


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