Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Les affairs

Is seems there is (fortunately for us bloggers) no shortage of salacious news from France these days. First we have the DSK trial with its bacchanal orgies; now the country is in an uproar over the widespread advertising of a website that helps married women find willing partners for affairs.

French feminists are protesting the double standard apparently in play here: French men having affairs is one thing, but if a woman tries to return the favor, sacre bleu!  Meanwhile the (male) moralists are retorting that men keep their affairs discreet, while this website, Gleeden (as a public service, I've provided the link) is being advertised on the back of buses and in Metro stations. Check out the ad below. The caption reads, by the way, "to be faithful to two men is to be twice as faithful." You have to admire the copy writing, if nothing else, non?

Yet the openness of it does seem a little outre, even for France, and some bus companies, in response to the public outcry, have pulled the ads. All of this is great publicity for the website, which has a million subscribers in France. That's right, boys. A million Frenchwomen are actively trolling for a discreet affair. This in a country of only 33 million women! Do the math.

Frenchman, you've got no ones to blame but yourselves!  Bon courage!

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  1. And just who are the French men having affairs with? Wouldn't that most likely be a woman?


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