Sunday, March 1, 2015

DSK trial ends (bizarrely, bien sur!)

"Neither the investigation nor the trial justified the charges against Mr. Strauss-Kahn. I call for him to be acquitted, pure and simple."  Thus was the closing argument of the prosecution in the pimping trial of former IMF head and almost French president Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Wait a second, that was from the prosecution??? Not the defense?

Mais oui! La France, je t'aime!

It seems that 4 of the 5 prostitutes that DSK is said to have hooked up with his sex parties withdrew their charges. This sounds more like New Jersey or Brooklyn (were les filles made an offer they couldn't refuse?) than France, but there you go, and DSK is set to walk yet again. Although, even with both the defense and and prosecution agreed that there are no grounds for prosecution (boy, that's hard to write), the case has gone to the judges, with a verdict to be rendered June 12, giving DSK time for a couple of more sex parties before the verdict (June? French courts make the US Supreme Court look like a body that rushes to judgement, by comparison)

So did someone "get" to the girls? The prosecutor blamed the press for putting the girls through an ordeal, and few in France are suggesting anything underhanded, but the trial was essentially completed when the girls suddenly quit en masse. C'est bizarre, non? DSK himself said that "perhaps the girls have revisited their memories."

Didn't Tony Soprano use that line?

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