Thursday, September 4, 2014

Frenchman forces plane to land over legroom

Let's hear it (although hear what, I'm not sure) for the 60-year-old Frenchman whose last name is Alexandre for raising a fuss over leg room on a flight from Miami to Paris. It seems the woman in front of him reclined her seat into his lap, and refused to budge when he complained. After he let his French temper get the best of him, undercover air marshals subdued him, and the flight was diverted to Boston.

There have been several disputes over reclining seats on planes recently, and here's why: Not only are tempers short because flying has just become so flat-out horrible, but while the airlines have reduced the legroom -- the number of inches between you and the seat in front of you -- they have not reduced how much that seat in front of you can recline!

I think it's time for a dialog about reclining seats on planes in general. Are they really necessary? And when we're done there, let's discuss the putting rocking chairs in movies theaters. I mean, are they nuts? You even been behind someone who rocks his chair while you're trying to watch a movie?

In the meantime, be consider of the passenger (moviegoer) behind you. Especially if he's six-foot, four. And has bad back. And can't afford first-class.


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