Monday, March 17, 2014

Special to my readers: Free access to beta release of FluentU French

I get, to be kind, junk sent to me all the time by -- ahem -- entrepreneurs hoping I'll push their products, most of which will teach you as much French as -- ahem, again -- this blog. But once in a while something comes in (as they say in the publishing world) "over the transom" that I feel is worth passing on (especially when it's free).

FluentU, which previously had only a Chinese course, is now in the process of expanding to French, and I'm able to offer 10 of my readers FREE access to the beta version. I test drove it myself, and imagine my surprise and delight to see that the first video I came across was a spoof (in French) of the already hilarious "Royale with Cheese" discussion between John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction where they discuss how the cheeseburgers have a different name is America. Another one is fun cartoon. They give captions and cover difficult words, and, best of all, in all of these clips the actors speak at a normal pace, not the baby talk you get from you-know-who.

FluentU is making free beta memberships available to 10 of my readers. And when I say "beta" I mean "beta." They still have a bit a work to do, and I'll be adding a full review once it's finished,  but the videos are up and you can't beat the price.

To enter the raffle and be one of the lucky 10, simply send a blank email to (To enhance your chances of winning, don't make it blank. Say something, anything: Flattery, why you want to learn French, your favorite line from Pulp Fiction, or your bank account information.)  The winners, whom I will select, will receive an email from FluentU with a link to the free beta. They promise not to use your email for any other purpose.

 Bonne chance, mes amis!

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