Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Of French Affairs, Affaires, and Liaisons

Let's begin with the obvious: namely, that the term "French sex scandal" is an oxymoron. So when French president François Hollande was photographed visiting his mistress' apartment via motorcycle, the only surprise should be that he was on a motorcycle.

I mean, really? The president of France gets to scoot around town on a motorcycle, his security detail following behind on their motorcycles? Viva la France!

But this is a French language (mainly) blog, so let's focus on what Hollande was doing after he'd dismounted from his, um, motorcycle. He was not having une affaire. He does have des affaires, but he has them at the office (as in affairs of state). What he and actress Julie Gayet were up to is une liaison. Note that both our English words affair and liaison are derived from French. No surprise there.

My question about this whole thing is, what do French women find so attractive about aging, vain French men like Hollande, Mitterand, and Sarkozy. Guys, tell me your secret - I'm 60!

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