Tuesday, October 29, 2013

France loves (and protects) its small bookstores

Trois cheers for the French, who have introduced a bill to protect their small, indie bookstores. The new law, which has already passed the lower house of parliament, would limit discounts -- including online (read: "Amazon") to 5%. Imagine if a bill like that were introduced in the US: there would be a hue and cry like you've never heard. Followed by a zillion lawsuits. Yet in countries like France and Italy, you still have the joy, which we've lost, of walking down any street and being able to wander into a small bookstore. In our quest for the lowest price on everything, we've not only given up American manufacturing, but joys like this. C'est dommage.

Full story at NPR.

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  1. What a wonderful idea! Although I doubt Americans would go for this, especially at this time when so many people mistrust "big government." Pam


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